samedi, décembre 21, 2013

Commissioned portrait of Edwige

Edwige Is sitting in front of Her piano. At her right there Is a window and i asked Her to look outside through it. I managed to find a good light on The right part of Her face. The contrast shadow/light, and to light up one of the two sides of the face are two great tips to know in order to make volume. 

I enjoyed to build this painting because Edwige Is very good looking, and her position as classical as stunning.

This Is an oil painting on Canvas, 92 x 73 cm. Have a look to thé entiere piece, then below some details. 

What do you think about it ? Would you enjoy to imagine you as a subject on some paintings? Would you Like to have your own portrait ?

Kind regards,


Nicolas Borderies

Nicolas Borderies


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